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W o r k s :


  • Character designer & CG artist for DS-sans

  • Chibi artist for Metronome

  • Concept artist for Ilirion


  • HCG artist for The Language of Love  (by EbiHime)

  • Illustrator/ Chibi artist for Metronome

  • Mascot illustration for Aqil Zavly

  • Character designer/CG artist for Devgru-P's Neko Club

  • Fanservice CGs for Lotus Reverie 

  • HCG/CG for Love Lore Studios 


  • Mascot illustration for AichiCraft

  • Card illustration for Danmaku!! 

  • Collaboration with Cel for Comiket 94 summer Fate Grand Order fan book

  • Card illustrations for Sun Riviera Studios -Dawn Drop-


  • AMALEE : Chobits cover art

  • AMALEE : GOSICK cover art

  • Character illustrator for KawaiiNihongo 

  • Character designer for Aqil Zavly mascot 

  • Character designer/CG artist for Neat Studio's Neko Club

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