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Term & Conditions

▶send me a direct message (Twitter) or email me @ for further discussion.

▶All work is done in 350 dpi , A4 size canvas.

▶Form order :

Your Paypal Email :

Character(s) name(s):

References: (Please be as clear as you can.)

Additional info : (if none please put N/A)

Deadline : (If none please put N/A)

▶Can't do(s):

Muscular men , full mecha ,yaoi ,older people,full furry and males

▶Preferred only female characters this time around,

R-18 is available only for Knee-up/full illustration.

▶ Work in progress are available,

please make use of this for corrections before coloring process starts.

Maximum corrections - 3 times

▶Prices are included with paypal fees.

▶The payment must be made by USD

▶ I will not accept descriptions as reference.

If insisted, there will be a character design fee.

▶Once I have accepted your commission, I will not start 

  your commission until I have receive full payment.

▶The amount of time I need to finish one drawing is from

  10 days to 2 months. 

▶Once commission is done, you will receive a high resolution file of your commission. Public upload will be downsized.

Please inform me if you do not wish to have your commission uploaded.

▶You will not use the artwork for commercial usage,however

  you are allowed post on any social media but must credit it to me. If you want to use it for commercial  use please contact me once again to purchase the license work from me.


(If it is not met with the condition given)

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