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Aqil is one of my very good friends and my collaborator for his mascot, Naomi Makoto. He is also a vlogger who sometimes make 1 minute videos that is inspired by Nas Daily (One of his biggest inspirations) .His goal is to share with everyone about his and everyone's lives to inspire others to do what they love.


Currently he is trying to make his living by making his hobbies and turning them into his career. He believes that everything is possible when you keep hope in your life.His motto is "There's always hopes and dreams to achieve something"


One of his biggest achievements is that he had traveled to Tokyo,Japan for 1 month without renting a place to stay. It is also one of the things I admired about him. He is courageous and gives his all to try new things.(Though as long as he is not stepping over any boundaries, then it's okay.) Besides that, he is also interested with Culture Japan and even has his very own Smartdoll. (I'm so jelly ;_; )


Basically to sum it all up, he is one of the most interesting people I know that loves to do something of out the ordinary. Do check him out, his contents are pretty interesting and funny!


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Naomi Makoto
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